Home Intercom Systems For Fun and Home Security

They may seem like something from the movies or TV, but intercoms are finding their way into the everyday lives of more and more families. Although they have the air of being for the rich and famous, who must contact the butler or kitchen staff immediately, the fact of the matter is that as our homes get bigger and our days get busier, it can be a trek to round up everyone in the household just to pass on a quick message. Instead of standing at the bottom of the stairs hollering up at the kids while trying to get out the door for school, or constant interrupting a spouse bogged down with work in the home office, it’s easy to buzz through on the intercom for a quick word. Eliminate the need to hike around the house with the cordless phone in hand, looking for a lost family member, by installing home intercoms.

Not only do intercoms add the element of fun to a family, they are great for home security. When the clock is ticking during a flood or fire, it is best for family members to be in constant communication. Intercom systems may be wireless or wired, and may even include a video system. For a little more family fun and togetherness, many can be wired to play music or a radio station throughout the entire house. Even when home alone this can be fun and convenient, instead of dragging a sound system or MP3 device around with you all day. If starting a new family, instead of a traditional baby monitor, an intercom can be a great alternative. Be sure to consult with the salesperson before buying, but many intercoms today can be set to a baby monitor function. If someone in the family spends a great deal of time in a hard to reach area of the home like a detached garage, studio, or in the yard or at the pool, an intercom system provides for easy, non-shouting communication between locations. In addition to easy communication, this can be a huge benefit for home security. Should something go wrong the person in the far-away location will be alerted immediately and can come to the distressed person’s assistance or vice versa.

A reliable home security system can only be improved by adding a home intercom system. Many work with digitally secure radio links, can work up to 1,000 feet away from one another, and a weatherproof. Intercoms can be installed without the assistance of a professional, and today many come wireless. By adding batteries and programming the device, the family is good to go. It’s even easier than programming the DVD player! For homes experiencing high degrees of local foot traffic or that have many visitors, it’s a great home security measure to install a video intercom system at the entryway or door. This is especially useful for small children who can’t see out a peephole, or kids who stay home alone now and again. It’s best to never open the door to strangers, and with video monitoring kids can rest assured it’s a trusted adult without opening the door even a crack.

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