An Overview of Home Intercom Systems

There are generally two different types of intercom systems for homes out there in stores: wireless and wired ones. These days most people choose the wireless one, except for those situations where they live in a house that already has a wiring arrangement. Most people moving into newly constructed houses will have wireless ones installed while the house is being built, because it can cost quite a bit of money to have the the wiring taken care of.

There are a few major benefits to getting a wired intercom that you can’t enjoy with a wireless one. Usually, wireless systems may have an interference problem if you have people living next door who are also using their own intercom system. There are also black spots that may surface in some of your rooms when you’re using wireless ones.

Wireless intercom systems for homes are typically thought of as far more reliable, and if you are putting them around your home as a child-monitoring device, you’ll have peace of mind about the fact that it’s secure and that your child can constantly be listened to through the night.

Intercom systems for home are great for those looking to add to the level of safety in their homes. Through the use of one, you can force an individual at the door to tell you who they are before letting them in.

How many tragic stories have you heard about that result from somebody opening the door in oblivion and seeing someone there who shouldn’t be? You can also add a video monitor to the system if you want to have a view as to who’s outside.

Another thing you can do is to add an automatic gate entry device to your intercom if you should feel so inclined. These can work on many different types of gates, like sliding gates, swing ones, and single or double gates. You’ll access your gate with one command, and they’ll lock on their own as they close. This provides ultimate convenience to those who appreciate perks like these.

The value of intercom systems for home can vary dramatically depending on features, but a basic intercom will cost about $1200 for an average four or five bedroom home while a device with the major bells and whistles can sell anywhere within the range of $2500 to $5000 and more, depending on the features you want.

A Few Pointers on Shopping For Home Intercom Systems

When you actually set out to buy a home intercom system for your home or business the first two choices you are going to have to make are whether to go wireless or go with a hard wired system. The only time you would want to choose a hard wired system is if your home or business is already wired with a pre existing system or you are planning on building your home or business.

Hard Wired Verses Wireless

No matter what, never let anyone convince you that a hard wired home intercom system can be retrofitted into an existing completed stricture. Technically, one can but the labor costs would be incredible and it would require that your walls be torn up to install much of the wiring system. So no mater how great the deal is, don’t buy it if your your building is finished.

Decide Early on What Type of System You are Going to Use

If you are building a new home or business, it is important that you decide early on, on your hard wired system if this is the direction you are going to take. This is because the electrician who is going to wire it in must have access to the manual that comes with your system, so he can install the wiring system in accordance with the systems specifications.

New Choices in Feature Options

Home Intercom systems now have a number of feature choices, including AM FM radio and CD players. However; if all you need is communication service, then you may want to opt for a simpler system that comes without these options. One option that a wireless system will have to offer that many hardwired systems don’t is mobility. This means that you can carry a component with you around your home or business for complete convenience.

Intercom Systems – Do You Need It?

Talking without Yelling in the House

Have you found yourself yelling or shouting to your spouse or children? Intercom Systems allows communication throughout the home with no yelling or shouting needed. Some systems have selective call or private communication between rooms.

New Family

As a Parent of a baby or a small child you want to monitor the child all day. Intercom Systems allows you to monitor or listen to the baby or child when needed. This can be done by individual room stations or all room stations at once.

Disabled or Senior Citizens

Intercom Systems allows the elderly and disabled to answer the front door without having to go back and forth. Hand held remotes to activate the intercom systems will enable the user to answer the door without getting out of bed. Great feature for the disabled or monitoring a disabled child.


Have you found yourself answering the door and wondering who it is? Intercom Systems gives you extra security when answering the door. No need to open the door to strangers with the door intercom. Also, open the door with the door release or use the hand held remote to open the door and not even get out of the chair.

Music throughout the home

Most Intercom Systems have a built-in am/fm radio. This will allow you to have music distribution throughout the home at an affordable price. Some systems will allow you to listen to different music in every room station.

Mp3 Players

We all like different music, some intercom systems gives you an option to connect iPod, Mp3 players or any handheld players. Even some allows you to connect these Mp3 players to each room station. Image everyone in your house listening to an Mp3 player at once.

Pool and Barbeque Parties

Having a party and want to enjoy the music or just laying out in the pool. Plug in the iPod or any Mp3 player into your patio room station to enjoy the music. Door Bell rings and you wet from being in the pool, use the Intercom System to answer the door or let more party guess in the house with the door release.